Thin Mint Memories is now available for sale on Amazon in print and for Kindle, and here are a couple of early reviews to give you a sense of the reading experience we have in store for you.

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The book is well-written, crisp and clean as the Thin Mints Carey pays tribute to in the title. Each chapter captures a different facet of the industry, the cookie business (indeed, it is a business) and its benefits — and what it means to a particular troop. I knew troops received only a small fraction of the cookie sale money, but I didn’t know how else the money was used. This book tells the whole story.

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Thin Mint Memories – A sweet read on a sweet topic! Although my own Thin Mint memories are a bit faded, Shelley Johnson Carey’s Thin Mint Memories helped me relive those days… the fun we had, the girls in my troop (some I’m still in touch with), and left me wondering whatever happened to our ever-patient troop leader. But this book is much more than a stroll down memory lane.

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